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Solar Inspection

Solar Inspection

Metrology Solutions for Thinfilm & Crystalline Silicon Solar Modules

As the leading "total-solution provider" of metrology systems for thinfilm PV modules Dr. Schenk offers inspection and measurement systems for nearly every process step along the production line of thinfilm solar modules.

Dr. Schenk's metrology solutions SolarInspect, SolarInspect RollToRoll and SolarMeasure support PV module manufacturers in achieving highest product quality, small amounts of waste and optimal efficiency in production.

SolarInspect uses Dr. Schenk's MIDA technology so one defect generates multiple images to deliver the most comprehensive defect analysis on the market.

  • Optimizing processes and gaining higher yield
  • Improving material quality
  • Adding to a higher module performance and
  • Reducing costs
SolarInspect RollToRoll is the turnkey vision solution for flexible thinfilm solar modules based on roll-to-roll processes. It offers best in-line inspection and measurement for this generation of solar modules.  more
The SolarInspect series has been designed to fulfill the special inspection requirements throughout the production of thinfilm solar modules based on glass substrates (sheets). more
The Solar Inspect series is also available for process steps in the production of crystalline silicon solar modules. more
The SolarMeasure solutions for solar module measurement complement the PV metrology product range with precise and reliable measurement solutions that focus on the physical and electronic characteristics of solar modules. more
Inline and offline particle detection solutions for bare and metallized glass, glass wafers and photomasks. mehr…