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Glass Inspection

Glass Inspection

Dr. Schenk offers precise and reliable optical glass inspection solutions & glass measuring solutions for all kinds of flat glass manufacturing technologies and subsequent processing steps.

GlassInspect inspects 100% of the glass surface for local defects, GlassMeasure monitors overall material irregularities, e.g. homogeneity of coating layers or coating layer thickness, during all steps of flat glass production.

In-line inspection solution for quality assurance and process control for all steps of float & down draw glass manufacturing. more
Catch defects & irregularities in coating layers and on the glass substrate, monitor 100% of the glass surface for large area physical properties. more
Additional inspection of single panels for high-end applications before bonding.  Imperfect glass sheets can be rejected from the line prior to the costly laminating process. more
Detection of local defects & irregularities in flat panel display glass combined with continuous monitoring of 100% of the surface for large area physical properties. more
Defect-free glass fronts for pristine cosmetic appearance and optimum functionality for e.g. flat screen TVs, appliance veneer glass for stove tops or kitchen fronts, automotive displays & mobile devices. more
Reliable distinction between patterned glass surface structure and actual defects with structured glass inspection. more
Display and touch panel inspection for reliable inline quality control of  all kinds of  manufacturing technologies. more
Inline and offline particle detection solutions for bare and metallized glass, glass wafers and photomasks. mehr…

GlassInspect & GlassMeasure are used in a wide range of applications and industries, such as architectural glass inspection, automotive glass inspectionflat panel display glass inspection, mobile display glass inspection, and many more!


GlassInspect & GlassMeasure use Dr. Schenk’s unique MIDA Technology so one defect generates multiple images to deliver the most comprehensive material analysis on the market.


Bubble defect
Crazing defect
Tin defect
Yield and Trend of production

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