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Trend-Setting Innovations

Developed by Dr. Schenk

Ultra-fast, precise & reliable optical plastic inspection and measuring solutions for all kinds of base and converted plastic materials. more
Local defect detection for many different nonwoven technologies (spundbond, spunlaced, meltblown, composite, wetlaid, airlaid, carded, needlepunched, thermal bond) and continuous 100% surface monitoring of key properties, e.g.  homogeneity, for a low variation coefficient of the production. more
Complete solution for the detection of local defects in textile fabrics and continuous monitoring of key properties for a low production variation coefficient. more
Defect detection and large area property monitoring solutions for all kinds of flat glass. more
Display and touch panel inspection for reliable inline quality control of  all kinds of  manufacturing technologies. more
Turnkey vision systems for quality assurance & process control throughout solar module production. more
Fast, reliable, and efficient optimization of production and product quality for metals with EasyInspect & EasyMeasure. more
Reliable defect detection, monitoring of presence, position and properties of security features and geometry measurement of paper sheets. more
The modularity and flexibility of GlassInspect and EasyInspect is also applicable to other market segments and applications in specialty markets. more
AI solutions by Dr. Schenk: artificial intelligence, deep learning and neuronal network architecture assist you in your daily work more
Dr. Schenk customers benefit from over 25 years of experience. They can count on us when implementing a new system or upgrading from a different system to an automatic inline inspection solution from Dr. Schenk.  more
Dr. Schenk offers extensive from-lab-to-fab knowledge for customized solutions. Customers benefit from our expertise in the translation of lab applications to large scale productions. more
Integrated handling and inspection solutions for customers who want material handling & inspection from a single source - without loss of time or money for coordinating different providers. more